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Wireless Internet For Business

By FiberOpticInternetTags Fixed Wireless Internet,Fixed Wireless Broadband,Business Wireless Internet,Wireless Internet For Business,Wireless Business InternetDate Added 30/05/2016Views 331Flag as inappropriate

Click this site http://www.tierzero.com/what-we-do/fixed-wireless-internet/ for more information on Wireless Internet For Business. Fixed Wireless Internet is an approach of transmission of high speed data traffic via a wireless link between two fixed factors. Subscriber solution contains a microwave antenna and also radio on client's roof for transmitting and receiving RF indicators. To run a certified microwave fixed wireless radio system, one need to apply for a license from the FCC. Certified operators are permitted exclusive use of part of the band over a designated geographic location. follow us : http://fiberopticinternet.flavors.me


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